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Setup failed to connect to the database pointed to by the given DSN

Written by on . Posted in How to

When you are try to upgrade Virtual Center 2.5.0 to vCenter 2.5 update 4 with a Microsoft SQL 2000 ODBC data source you receive the folowing error:

setup failed to connect to the database pointed to by the given DSN. Please make sure that you have the proper permissions to acces the database.


  1. To resolve this error you have to give the user that is used for the Virtual Center database access db_owner rights on the msdb database within Microsoft SQL
    • Login to the SQL server
    • Start the SQL Enterprise Manager by clicking on "Start >> Programs >> Microsoft SQL Server >> Enterprise Manager"
    • Go to and expand "Security "
    • Go to and expand "Logins "
    • Right click on the VirtualCenter database user and hit properties. In my example the user is called "VirtualCenter"

    • Mark the msdb database and klick "OK"
    • This should do the trick
  2. After these steps you can proceed with your vCenter update!
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