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Vote for the Top VMware, Virtualization and Storage blogs of 2014

Written by Roy Mikes on Monday, 24 February 2014. Posted in VMware

When Eric Siebert from vSphere-land.com started the voting for the top VMware & virtualization blogs back in, I can't remember when, I was suprised how much bloggers shared their passion for virtualization. In particular VMware! As you know or not know I am running my show since a couple of years now. Yep, years fly by. Doing it, some how different as the most of you. But in a way that's the most important thing of blogging. Try to be unique and don't become a copycat. Anyone can start a blog but it requires dedication, time & effort to keep it going. Not just write an article and done. It's about quality, relevancy, longevity and frequency as Eric says. So keep that in mind when vote.

Its immense to see that there are more than 200 bloggers dedicated to virtualization, storage and other related topics. As many it would cost me more then a day to read them all. So I want everyone to compliment so determined to share.

In my articles on this site (www.mikes.eu) I try to give my opinion on everything what has to do with virtualization, storage and cloud. The goal of this blog is simply to be a resource for myself and people who are enjoying reading this stuff. You see lately many new initiatives alongside these great products which also be interesting to read and blog about. Last year I ended up on position #65. With this score out of 243. What surprised me more last year I ending up on Position #5 Favorite Independent Blogger.

Seeing new bloggers springing up every month I though I could be one of them this year as last year and signed in on the Top VMware & Virtualization blogs of 2014If you find my blog interesting or just fun and give it to me I'm at the bottom left on the list. Iit’d be much appreciated as it is a indicator for me that people enjoy and get value from my site.

But I want to thank Eric for all the work he does. And I know it's a lot of effort to get this done.


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