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EMC Recoverpoint

Written by Roy Mikes on Monday, 20 August 2012. Posted in EMC


It is certainly not a new product but today I finished an EMC Recoverpoint configuration with a Partner. After installation, configuration and a recovery test I was amazed what a great potential this appliance / software has.

RecoverPoint makes it easier to protect applications that grow with a wizard that allows you to modify the applications protection configuration to add new storage volumes. According to EMC you'll never have to worry about data protection again. As far as I can judge now this is almost 100% true.

What is Recoverpoints Power? 

Similar to other continuous data protection products, and unlike backup products, RecoverPoint needs to obtain a copy of every write in order to track data changes. RecoverPoint supports three methods or write splitting: host-based, fabric-based and in the storage array. EMC advertises RecoverPoint as hetrogenous due to its support of multi-vendor server, network and storage environments. 

Each site requires installation of a cluster that holds a minimum of 2 RecoverPoint appliances for redundancy. Each appliance is connected via Fibre Channel to the SAN, and must be zoned together with both the server and the storage. Each appliance must also be connected to an IP network for management. All replication takes place over standard IP for asynchronous replication and Fibre Channel for synchronous replication.

Beyond integration with EMC products such as the CLARiiON or VNX storage arrays, Replication Manager and Control Center, RecoverPoint integrates with VMWare vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V allows protection to be specified per VM instead of per volumes that are available. But not only vCenter and Hyper-V integration. It integrate with Microsoft Shadow Copy, Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle Database Server which allows RecoverPoint to temporarily stop writes by the host in order to take consistent application-specific snapshots.

CLR Technology in RecoverPoint

EMC RecoverPoint's concurrent local and remote (CLR) data protection technology eliminates the need for separate solutions as it provides CDP and CRR of the same data. The solution now provides more flexibility to replicate and protect data in many local and remote-site combinations with less storage footprint whether for production applications or for test and development.

Despite the simple looks and the lots of 'sounds goods', you really have to know what you are doing with this application. It can be confusing because of the many possibilities and you should therefore be careful what you do. It would certainly be advisable to follow a training which you find here. Anyway love it and want to know more of it. In the near future I will be probably blogging more "how to's" about Recoverpoint.

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About the Author

Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes

Roy Mikes has developed a deep knowledge of virtualization, storage and Cloud in a broad perspective over the past 18 years, but also streamlines his focus recently more and more on AI and Blockchain. Because of that knowledge and focus, Roy works as an Advisory Partner Solution Development Lead & Evangelist at Dell EMC.

Comments (2)

  • Daniel Rhoden

    Daniel Rhoden

    26 August 2012 at 20:32 |
    Can you elaborate on this comment, "RecoverPoint integrates with VMWare vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V allows protection to be specified per VM instead of per volumes that are available"?

    It's been almost two years since I've support RecoverPoint and I have a new project I'm about to begin which involves RPAs and SRM. However, I am not currently aware of a method to replicate only the VMs and not the LUN. I have to admit I haven't tore through the RPA documentation on powerlink yet, so this could be some new feature I am unaware of but I'd love to know more.



  • Roy Mikes

    Roy Mikes

    26 August 2012 at 21:25 |
    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for commenting. I certainly will elaborate to this.
    From a VMware view of point it's possible to create Recoverpoint Consistency Groups on vmfs datastore's and RAW Luns. As you probably know RAW Luns are connected to vm's. So here's a relationship between the LUN and virtual machine vmdk's which are located on the vmfs datastore. If you don't use RAW Luns you only protect the datastores. But even then you must be aware when things go wrong you restore a whole datastore which holds more than one virtual machine. You must think carefully about your design.

    If there is a strong relation between those two, you need to put them in one Consistancy Group. In another example where, let's say a system drive in a Windows OS don't need to be consistence you can put those in a separate group. It strongly depends on the relationship between user data and system data in a virtual machine. Does this make sense for you?

    In your comment to methods of replication Recoverpoint support Host, array, fabric continuous data protection (CDP), continuous remote replication (CRR) and concurrent local and remote (CLR) data protection. Recoverpoint compress data to optimize bandwidth (up to 10 times, according to EMC)

    The beauty of all, there's a SRM Recoverpoint adapter as well.
    If I can be of any help with anything let me know.


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