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A new year is coming

Written by Roy Mikes on Monday, 23 December 2013. Posted in Personal

My best wishes to all of you!

As I reflect on the past year a lot has happened. Personally it was another exciting and successful year. Let’s do a small recap.

EMC has designed a program to span the gap between brand loyalty and brand advocacy like MVP, vExpert and Cisco Champion. Last year started well for me as I was one of few who made it to the first batch of EMC Elect’s. This program provides community driven recognition to individuals who have demonstrated the highest levels of commitment of thought leadership in the fields of data center management, Cloud and big data.

When Eric Siebert from vSphere-land.com started the voting for the top VMware & virtualization blogs back in, I can't remember when, I was suprised how much bloggers shared their passion for virtualization. In particular VMware! As you know or not know I am running my show since a couple of years now. Participating for the first time rewarded me with position #65. With this score out of 243, I am certainly not unhappy. What surprised me more was ending up on position #5 favorite Independent Blogger.

Each year, VMware brings the vExpert Program to people who have made some of the most important contributions to the VMware community. These are bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool builders, community leaders and general enthusiasts. Again I was elected as a vExpert which is a great nomination. It is great if you can keep yourself busy with two very great technologies and then get recognized therein. Proud to be an EMC Elect and vExpert.

Not completely a startup since it’s there for several years (2009) but worth mentioning because Nutanix is the first company to offer a radically simple compute and storage infrastructure for implementing enterprise-class virtualization without complex and expensive external network storage (SAN or NAS). Founded by a team that built scalable systems such as Google File System. Nutanix has added more than 100 employees in the past 12 months and has opened a new office in the NetherlandsNutanix is a typically scale out solution. You can add additional Nutanix appliances to an existing cluster to scale performance and capacity to your needs. Managing a complex data center involves many tasks. Manageability can be difficult and very complex or, the opposite, easy and simple. Nutanix works with a 'simple' console.

Another big change as you all might have noticed, there were some changes at the NL VMUG. As of June 15th, the Customer Council continue with the Dutch VMUG under the flag of the international VMUG organization. The VMUG in the Netherlands was founded in 2004 by XTG employees. XTG is an independent training center for official practice. They had the pleasure to organize this annual event for many years. They have done a great job providing more than 700 people over the past few years. NL VMUG will have its first ever, one day VMUG event at March 6, 2014. This replaces the VMUG event which was held in December. So mark this one in your agenda.

What many of us surprised last year was Pernixdata coming out of Stealth. I was invited as a delegate on last Storage Field Day 3 in Denver Colorado where Pernixdata was introduced as a stealth mode Startup. PernixData is fundamentally changing how storage is designed and operated in virtual data centers. The company’s flagship product, PernixData FVP, virtualizes server side flash to enable scale-out storage performance that is independent of capacity. No changes are required to VMs, servers or primary storage, ensuring maximum performance of all virtualized applications in a seamless, scalable and cost. August 6th Pernixdata announced the General Availability of FVP 1.0.

VMware announched VMware vSphere 5.5 available for public, after being announced at VMworld 2013 San Francisco. 

As always EMC knows how to make an entrance. And finally it was september 4th. It was the worst-kept secret in storage land. We all knew it had something to do with new VNXes. The brand new Multi Core CPUs and flash with new operating software VNX2. EMC has re-written parts of the code stack. The new VNX2 arrays show a great speed compared to the existing range. This VNX generation has active/active storage processors for higher performance, compared to the previous generation's active/passive. 

Huge news was announced in August where I told the world leaving my job. I had the luxury to create a very comfortable position. The last year it became very obvious, comfort is a major enemy of success. After more than 9 years I decided leaving my position and switched to another large International company where I started as a Sr. Systems Engineer mainly responsible for Storage and Backup solutions. I mentioned in my post earlier you may have spent years as part of an organization, becoming an integrated part of its office culture. Your routines, habits and small daily rituals. Become comfortable with new ones can sometimes be quite a challenge!

Last but not least I want to thank my sponsors.


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