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VSPEX BLUE Now Offers Even More Scale, Simplicity, and Availability

Written by Roy Mikes on Sunday, 21 June 2015. Posted in EMC

VSPEX BLUE 1.1 generally available

Recently I wrote an article about what differs EMC VSPEX BLUE from other OEM Vendors. EMC that is one of the last to release its own hyper-converged version, but brings a lot of key features like: VM granularity protection with RP4VM. With the RP4VM release, enterprise-grade storage replication is now in the hands of the VMware Administrator, VSPEX Blue Manager: provides integrated management to EMC features, hardware monitoring and direct access to VSPEX Blue Market: EMC & 3rd party apps like VDPa (more to come...) and native integration between VMware VDPa and DataDomain.

With the release of VSPEX BLUE 1.1, EMC includes many enhancements to both the product and the program. Add to this new collateral, tools and resources from special pricing requests to competitive resources and it’s now easier than ever to drive conversations about hyper-converged infrastructure with your customers.

The latest VSPEX BLUE release includes these key features:

  • VMware EVO:RAIL release 1.1 functionality (includes scale-out to eight appliances for a total of 32 nodes), which also offers improved hardware monitoring and hardware replacement automation for easier serviceability.
  • Enhanced VSPEX BLUE Manager and VSPEX BLUE Market experience: 
    • VSPEX BLUE Manager 1.1 provides improved integration with EMC eServices for Support account linking, easier service requests and improved knowledgebase queries.
    • VSPEX BLUE Market allows for easier application updates and installation for VSPEX BLUE, ESRS and EMC add-on software. 
  • EMC has also expanded the availability of user interface localization to include German, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Since the HCIA market is so new and is growing so quickly, there are a lot of new players offering solutions that vary widely from a technological standpoint. It’s crucial to understand the value VSPEX BLUE brings to the table:

  • This is a 100% partner play: As partner you are in the driver’s seat.
  • VSPEX BLUE comes from the market leader in Converged Infrastructure, and it’s backed by EMC world-class support.
  • VSPEX BLUE has distinct, valued points of differentiation.
  • EMC is invested in their partner’s success and equip you with tools you require to succeed.
  • EMC is running a multi-million dollar global visibility program to increase the awareness of and preference for VSPEX BLUE.

I believe EMC is going to do great with VSPEX BLUE, in fact I would not be surprised if they are going to be the number 1 in this hyper-converged infrastructure area really fast!


source: community.emc.com

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