You can find (free) Microsoft Computer Based Trainings on the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)website, where you can sign up and follow many courses. Improve your IT skill set and help advance your career with a free, easy to access training portal. Learn at your own pace, focusing on Microsoft technologies, gain points and get recognition.

How do you get started?

After you logged on, this is where you get started. Enroll here and learn all about the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Become familiar with the available tracks and the most recent activities in the MVA such as new students, memberships, tests passed, and much more. 

Once you have registered at the MVA, the Dashboard will be your default page after you logged in. Here you will be able to access everything related to your progress in the MVA; you will be able to view the points you have accumulated through your membership in the following order of hierarchy: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This membership automatically positions you in the world ranking of students and in the ranking in your own country. The progress bar will give you a graphical idea of what you are still missing to reach the next membership level. Additionally, you will find the information what topic you are currently studying and on what course you have already completed, together with a summary of the exams and contents still pending and the exams you have passed already.

Good luck!